Thursday, December 3, 2009

Slippery Rock University's Adaptive Physical Activity Awareness Day

On Wednesday November 11th, 2009, I went with some members of APEM to Slippery Rock University for their annual Adaptive Physical Activity Awareness Day. The drive there from Cortland is about 5 hours but it wasn't such a bad drive, since I wasn't the one driving. Once we were there we almost immediately started participating in the activities. The first one we did was Beep Baseball, here's a snap shot from that:
That game was really fun, although I had a very hard time hitting the ball with a full swing, so I had to result to bunting. The next activity we participated in was Wheelchair Shot Put. Brandon Herwick decided to challenge me, not knowing I used to throw shot put here at SUNY Cortland. His first throw from the wheelchair went about 35 feet. My first throw went about 45. He challenged me to a rematch and he got his second throw to go 40 feet. My second throw beat him yet again, going more than 50 feet. Our next activity was Blindfold Javelin, which was played with blindfolds and foam javelins. I won't talk about this activity because, although it was fun, I did not do so well seeing as I was beat by 2 girls, oh no! The rest of the day went smoothly as we were taken on a tour of the campus and got to see the barn where they hold their therapeutic recreation classes. In the barn they had about 10 different horses, and they were all beautiful. Later on we discussed the Master's program they offer at Slippery Rock and it sounds very intriguing. After that, we went to eat in their dining hall which was, sorry Neubig I still love you, absolutely amazing. We finished off the day with meeting some of the guys from Murderball. They are extremely intense and watching them play was great. We left Slippery Rock around 8:30 pm and got back to Cortland at 1:45 am. The experience I had at Slippery Rock was unforgettable and I cannot wait to go next year!

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  1. Great recap Chris. Sorry about getting beat in Javelin!