Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's Dance!

For my International Lab C, I decided to teach some Dance, Dance, Revolution, which was created in Japan in 1998. I was very prepared for this lesson because of all the help I have gotten and all the learning I have done so far this semester. This was the first lesson that I had to write a lesson plan for and I think it helped me do this activity a lot. I was given 20 minutes to do this activity but looking at my videos and time coding sheet I see I only used about 18 minutes of that time. I should be able to extend activities more next time so I can use up all of the time allotted. To add time effectively, I can add more activities from my activity progression sheet that can engage the students in a little bit more tougher tasks. I feel as though my changes in activities during my lesson will impact student learning by keeping the students interested in playing DDR and maybe the students will enjoy fitness so much that they will continue after class in their own way. During my time teaching, I used more than 50% of my time for activity and less than 15% of my time for management, which is great for teaching. However, I used more than 30% of my time for instruction. To be more effective and have more time for activity, I should have less than 30% of instruction time. In my feedback sheet, it shows that I gave feedback to 7 people out of 19 but I also was able to give general feedback to others however I was not able to hear it in the video. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson. It was very exciting and fun and I will take what I learned from this lesson and make my Lab D lesson much better.


  1. Great Chris. Good start to your reflection. Please add your task progression sheet and talk about how your changes to teaching will impact student learning.

  2. It looks like it was a good lesson, wish i was there to see it..