Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outside Teaching!

For my third teaching experience we all went outside for some ultimate frisbee. I was a bit nervous during my few minutes of teaching, as you can hear in my voice in my audio. However, even though I was just as nervous as I was in my other teaching experiences, I was also more confident because I was able to use some teaching methods I did not learn before my other two teaching segments. After reviewing my audio, my biggest weakness was that I kept referring to all the students as "guys". This is unacceptable in a classroom because there will be both girls and boys and I must use a universal term for both genders, for example, "children, students, everyone." I gave more feedback than I did in my last teaching experience but I was unable to point out in my audio which person I gave feedback to other than Mike. Overall, I feel as though I did a much better job in this teaching experience than I have in my other ones.

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  1. Good link to the audio. Do you have your evaluation forms too published to Google Docs?