Thursday, December 3, 2009

NYS AHPERD 72nd Annual Conference

On November 20th, Cortland APEM, along with other Cortland teachers, attended the 72nd Annual NYS AHPERD Conference. The conference was a great way to network with former Cortland Alum and also with teachers from my area and talk to them about future positions. I went to four sessions but the one that stood out the most to me was Chris Wert's presentation on Kid Approved Games. This session was about many different kinds of games for kids in the elementary level. Chris really knew what he was talking about and it gave me a lot of hope in being able to make a change in the physical education world because Chris was a young guy and it showed that age doesn't matter in making a difference in the physical education world. On Thursday night, I actually got to meet Chris as I was on his South Central Zone team for Battle of the Zones. We almost made a come back in the game but ultimately came in second place. On Friday we ended the day at the Jay B. Nash Awards dinner, and the food was great. Seeing all the people there who love P.E. and want to make a difference in that area made me have so much more appreciation for what I want to do because it shows a lot of people want to help change and shape the world into a healthier life style. My Friday night ended with a three and a half hour ride home, which was only supposed to be an hour or so. Never listen to backseat drivers, they always make you take the wrong turn!

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