Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lab D: Bowling

For my final teaching lab, Lab D, I taught bowling. I felt extremely confident coming into this lesson because I learned a lot this year and I knew I was able to effectively teach this lesson. Seeing as this lesson was off campus at Cort-lanes, I knew my lesson was going to be cut short a bit because time was needed for the students to arrive and get their shoes and their bowling balls. As you can see in my lesson plan and my task progression sheet, I planned on doing many activities but I was only able to get to some of them. I also wanted to set up some Wii bowling but I was not able to because of the time constraints. In my feedback form, it shows that I only gave feedback to 5 different students, however if you listen to my audio, you can hear that I give more feedback but I do not say the names of the students I give feedback to. I cannot do the time coding sheet because the video of my lesson is only 5 minutes long whereas my whole lesson was 13 minutes long. Also, during the lesson I was faced with the challenge of an ESL student. I am able to understand Spanish fluently, however I cannot speak it fluently. I know that if I'm faced with this situation again I should find another student or teacher who can speak Spanish so I can get my point across. I felt as though this was my best lesson and I thank Dr. Yang and all the TA's for teaching me how to become a better teacher and I will remember these teachings in my future classes and profession.

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  1. i know we talked in class today about the video and how you could not do the time coding sheet, but go through the videos again and at least put up the one video that dr. yang does have for you..