Friday, December 18, 2009

Fight the Good Fight! Beat Those Viruses!

After playing the game Immune Attack, I feel as though I know a lot more about the immune system. It was loaded with information about the human body and is a great resource for information about different parts in the immune system. However, I felt as though the game play was too slow and also I had a tough time remembering my tasks because all the information was given before the task and there were no reminders. In my future career, I hope to help students of all subjects better understand what they are studying, and this is a perfect example. Because I am a physical education major, I have prior knowledge of biology. However, if I ever felt as though I needed more clarification, I could always study up some more on a subject so I can further assist my students. If a teacher from another subject felt as though his or her students are not understanding the material, I can develop some sort of game that the students can play during their physical education period so they can better understand what they are learning in class. I have developed a game for this subject to demonstrate how I would teach the immune system to my physical education class.

This is the ship I used in the game. It was really cool because it was in the body and I can only imagine how great it would be for a human to shrink him or herself enough to go into a ship and travel through someone's body.

This is the drone I used to defeat viruses. It also sent signals to different areas in the blood vessels for the macrophages to go to so they can engulf some of the harmful diseases.
Other screen shots from the game and also yours truly in action:

If you would like to play the Immune Attack game, you can find it here.

Here's another Immune Defense game for you all to enjoy.

A game that I feel will demonstrate to students what Immune Attack was about would be a game that has the kids active so their immune system is working harder. Also, the game would incorporate concepts about the immune system so if the students do not understand the information in the classroom, they will better understand it through physical activity.

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